September is California Wine Month!

Even though every month is technically wine month in California, September is the official California Wine Month. It occurs on this special month annually primarily to coincide with the harvest schedule, but it is also a great time for festivals (unless it is 2020), vineyard tours, dinners with winemakers, and other area events. September’s California Wine Month lets you savor the very best from the Golden State’s award-winning, local favorites, and upcoming wineries.

Wise Villa winery view of vineyards and grapes

California’s wine region is larger than some countries! There are over 800 miles of vineyards that spread from the Oregon border to Mexico. There are 139 AVA’s or American Viticultural Areas (and more being added as this is being typed).

Did you know:
California boasts an impressive number of wineries – 3,900!

-Wine Institute

Each geographic area and range plans and executes events that you don’t want to miss, so plan early! Many sell out and some include travel and lodging if you want to really explore the region, so start early. so The geographic range and variety of events during wine month mean that you’ll need to plan ahead. This year is the perfect excuse for a road trip!

Vineyard view of grapes on vines in California

Explore California!

List of top wine areas to explore and visit during CA Wine Month:
Amador County
El Dorado County
Lodi / Clarksburg
Mendocino County 
Napa Valley
Paso Robles
Placer County
Santa Barbara County
Sonoma County
Temecula Valley

All these California areas and several smaller ones produce over 80% of wines in the United States!

California boasts an impressive number of wineries – 3,900. The grapes are grown all over the state collectively and privately by 5,900 growers. That is a lot of grapes to be picked annually!

Events are typically a big part of September’s Wine Month. Of course, this year is wreaking havoc on all things gathering, mass people, and even larger groups. One way people have been staying connected is through virtual events. If you are looking to find a way to zoom into the vineyard (like that!?), Local Wine Events has some solutions. Hope you find a way to scratch your itch until we can gather again.

In a year where everything seems like a waste, don’t hesitate to book a trip and see some beautiful vineyards, sip wine, and savor all that we have to appreciate…even in 2020. Wine cures all ails!

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