Hoppy Easter Beer Baskets

Easter Basket

Hoppy Easter Beer Baskets

Not Your Average Easter

Every year, many families gather together and celebrate Easter by going to church, having brunch, an Easter egg hunt, and enjoy time with each other. The holiday might include a nice dinner too. The exception this year is that most of this won’t happen, due to the Coronavirus aka COVID-19, and guidelines set to shelter in place (SIP). My mom already had to make the decision to “cancel Easter” after 42 years of celebrating as a family. Say, what!? So since the bunny will need to be self-sufficient, and in an effort to help our local breweries, we thought of promoting Hoppy Easter Beer Baskets!

Basket Ideas

When thinking of basket ideas, think LOCAL! Buying gift cards, merchandise, take-out food and drinks, will be what keeps the local businesses alive during this time. Don’t hesitate to get some cans, bottles, and crowlers of your favorite boozy beverage for Easter this year too from your favorite local spots.

Hoppy Easter Beer Basket List

Hoppy Easter!

Next, head into a store that sells Easter decorations. It doesn’t have to be expensive so hit up Target, the Dollar Store, or CVS, and get a basket, pot, or bucket (bonus if you can repurpose later!). Add in some filler materials and arrange the items and beer you sourced together. Voila! You now have your Hoppy Easter Beer Basket!

Sadly because many breweries, wineries, taprooms, and restaurants aren’t allowed to have people inside, their sales have been low and some won’t even make it through this season. Do what you can to support the folks who took care of us before all of this began. At least you’ll have a bucket of beer to celebrate Easter with since we can’t be with family and friends. Wishing all my beer lovers a Hoppy Easter!

Did you make this basket? Show us in the comments!

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