California Craft Brewers Cup Competition

Various beers waiting to be judged

New Competition for California Breweries

California Craft Brewers Cup Debuts

The California Craft Brewers Cup is a new brewing competition that showcases just how far California has risen in the beer world over the past several years. The competition was a partnership between the various beer guilds and the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA). It recognizes the best craft beers in the state of California. The brewers did not disappoint.

California Craft Brewers love a healthy competition!

Rebecca Wilkie sniffing cup of beer to be judgedThe judging took place in Sacramento by a panel of more than 80 expert and industry judges, including Sip Savor Smile’s own, Rebecca Wilkie. To coincide with other beer festival competitions, the timing was set for the end of August over 4 full days. It consisted of 61 different categories and a total of 1,266 entries from 194 independent craft breweries.

What Big Mike Says…

“The California Craft Brewers Cup was created to showcase California craft brewers’ immense talent and innovation,” said light beer waiting to be judgedCalifornia Craft Brewers Cup Competition Director, Mike Moore. “The awarded beers are truly of the highest caliber. They showcase the talent and dedication of the breweries that made them.”

The winning breweries were announced at the CCBC awards ceremony in Long Beach, California on September 12, during the 2019 California Craft Beer Summit.

Local Brewery Wins Big

California Craft Brewers Cup 2019 Winner Medal

What we didn’t know before September 12th was that Auburn would become home to the Brewery of the Year from the inaugural California Craft Brewers Cup. Our friends at Crooked Lane sure do know how to brew up some bling taking home the most medals, and becoming the first overall winner of this competition.

Additionally, another exciting winner was the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild for the California Guild of the Year. So many people are truly passionate about beer, the local scene, and want it to succeed. The Sacramento area beer fans have responded back enthusiastically too. Sacramento is an promising new beer destination for locals and those visiting for work or travel, with over 70 breweries in the area. Congrats to all the winners!

For a full list of winners and additional competition information, visit

The California State Fair also does commercial beer judging, learn more on the State Fair Beer Judging post

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Competition – California Craft Brewers Cup


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